Who is afraid of the “Green People?”  We probably remember the game of “Black People” from our childhood. The game has its roots in Germany (nomen omen) and refers to the old days of the great plague. “The Black Folk” – a menacing figure no one knows who, who came from no one knows where stands in front of a group of children and at […]


“The Rain Charmers” most wanted!  New job offers in Polish Transmission System Operator (PSE)  What should be done so the operator doesn’t have to pay for PV and wind power plant shutdowns? Satirical Energy Review by Prof. Konrad Swirski Tuesday, March 26 is the first working day with an enforced reduction in RES production. Despite relatively large exports, there was too much sun anyway, therefore, […]


400 bubbles … “Gone with the Wind?” … New subsidy programs are increasingly surprising. Now, there is a 400 million budget for household installations and windmills. Up to 50 kW of installed capacity and 30 meters high (!!!) in wind turbines installed on rooftops and home gardens and up to 50% subsidy. The program announcement is a surprise because if we are talking about domestic […]