Electric bicycles with subsidies from the Ministry, now we are waiting for electric lawnmowers and maybe juicers… The dynamic development of energy transition assistance programs has touched “My Current” and we will just have a new grant opportunity… for electric bicycles. Up to 5 thousand zloty for individuals and almost 50 thousand electric bicycles (including cargo) in the subsidy program. Always, subsidies for transformations are […]


Fixed gas price – so it’s more expensive! So how about electricity and gas for free? Terrifying horror accounts have appeared in the media of companies (several hundred) that have signed “fixed price” gas supply contracts in 2022. Probably due to under-reading the provisions in the small print or under the influence of catastrophic forecasts of increases, or due to a lack of understanding of the […]


The end of May … and so the vacations and nothing more to do – a list of things for September  Vacations, May, Thursday Corpus Christi and another long weekend, and in mind already the end of school and vacation trips. A well-established annual pattern. Once the Baltic Sea and Masuria, now Turkey, Egypt and Greece, and for some, exotics and faraway travel. Understandably, no […]