Why can’t power engineers comment on energy topics? Imagine the famous “Lviv School of Mathematics” if suddenly, during the famous discussions and solving of epoch-making mathematical problems in cafes, they suddenly found that they got completely different results than they had assumed, or Oppenheimer leading the team creating the bomb, who suddenly perceives that the chain reaction does not work, or Schroedinger, who nevertheless built […]


In the energy industry, discarding unwanted cards mirrors a broader dilemma: everyone aims to divest from coal, yet the narrative changes when it comes to distribution. On the occasion of periodic presentations of the energy strategies of large corporations, it’s easy to explain everything if you’ve ever played the so-called “Black Helen” card game. To begin with, players would pass a few unwanted cards to […]


“The Rain Charmers” most wanted!  New job offers in Polish Transmission System Operator (PSE)  What should be done so the operator doesn’t have to pay for PV and wind power plant shutdowns? Satirical Energy Review by Prof. Konrad Swirski Tuesday, March 26 is the first working day with an enforced reduction in RES production. Despite relatively large exports, there was too much sun anyway, therefore, […]


Is it an inflated or punctured balloon of green transformation plans? Again, because of the election? Poland’s green transition is moving at an electoral rhythm. When it fits, it accelerates and swells like a balloon; when it’s inconvenient, it begins to deflate. We have entered a phase of bipartisanship again – something different to Brussels, something different with the blink of an eye – to […]


CO2 certificate prices are falling – Finance Minister dismayed! The year 2024 suddenly and basically unexpectedly brings a reduction in the price of CO2 certificates – emission fees. What was first skyrocketed (even temporary prices of more than 100 Eur/ton) is now going down by almost 50% (recent EUA – certificate rates are 50-55 Eur). As always, it’s a combination of many factors, but most […]