Who is afraid of the “Green People?”  We probably remember the game of “Black People” from our childhood. The game has its roots in Germany (nomen omen) and refers to the old days of the great plague. “The Black Folk” – a menacing figure no one knows who, who came from no one knows where stands in front of a group of children and at […]


Without wind in the sails of the energy transition… I remember in my youth sailing boats in Masuria, where I achieved in snatches the role of the so-called sheet (pulling sheets), that is, the first step above the tourist ballast. But I also remember accurately that if there was a wind of 3-4, it was even possible to sail fast in Polish conditions and make […]


Why can’t power engineers comment on energy topics? Imagine the famous “Lviv School of Mathematics” if suddenly, during the famous discussions and solving of epoch-making mathematical problems in cafes, they suddenly found that they got completely different results than they had assumed, or Oppenheimer leading the team creating the bomb, who suddenly perceives that the chain reaction does not work, or Schroedinger, who nevertheless built […]


Energy with mines – or a concrete wheel to the drowning man’s rescue  Blocking coal imports – again, we will regulate a market that is not a market anyway. Hard coal is filling up all available storage. Miners are working, but the power industry is not burning coal sufficiently (the weather is to blame because it was too warm and on top of that sunny, […]


In the energy industry, discarding unwanted cards mirrors a broader dilemma: everyone aims to divest from coal, yet the narrative changes when it comes to distribution. On the occasion of periodic presentations of the energy strategies of large corporations, it’s easy to explain everything if you’ve ever played the so-called “Black Helen” card game. To begin with, players would pass a few unwanted cards to […]