Lately, it’s not even funny in the energy industry anymore, but only funny-bitter-sad. 

The mining unions are different – always unanimous (bitterly).

The problem with coal and mining continues all the time. Demand for coal is falling (RES is overgrowing), overproduction and growing coal piles. Despite the complicated geopolitical situation, world energy markets have relatively low prices. There are too high domestic production costs to be competitive (there is no way to export, and we block imports). Declining mining productivity (this year’s results). No changes in employment. They are increasing losses of coal companies – slowly running into billions. There is no general plan to solve the problem. 

There should be an intense discussion of what to do about all this and arguing about creative concepts. Meanwhile, one has to believe, as always, that there will be raises or extra bonuses in the unions (there are 12 unions in PGG) on at least one issue. You can’t get attached—because of the losses, the new agreement between PGG management (one) and the unions (12) does not increase wages; it only awards extra money—exceptionally 2600 now and the same in September. 

You can say that the matter is settled and keep on feeding. You need to increase the (coal) warehouse.

The new windmill law (bitterly sad).

It is a perpetual topic for stand-ups and satirical columnists, but it is somewhat stale and thus painful by now. Comprehensive “windmill” law—speeding up and giving facilities for constructing new windmill farms on land. Not only the distance (reducing from 700 to 500) but also easing paperwork (permitting) and shortening construction time. Probably some other things as well. Issues repeatedly raised and discussed in the community—including PWEA. 

It went “too early” – The famous false start of the law. According to the Minister’s information, the new “comprehensive law” will be ready as early as next year. Actually, why is no one surprised anymore? The more significant concern is the risk that the Ministry or Minister(s) or the scope of authority of the Ministries will change, or there was no talk of exactly what year with this start. If it’s going so severely on land, it’s scary to ask about the sea and Phase II of offshore farm projects, for example.

But faith remains—hope, as always, dies last. Fortunately, RES can handle itself (and even needs to be reduced), so maybe leave it that way already and add some (energy) storage. 

Nuclear turnaround by storm? Is France in the game again? (funny-bitter-sad)

USA, France, USA, France, France, USA, USA, Korea, USA… that’s how preferences and concepts for constructing a Polish nuclear power plant – as far as technology suppliers are concerned – have been changing throughout PPEJ.

Again, we hear vague information that France is back in the game, wistfully promising to find money for the investment.

Change is also being hinted at, such as one power plant or unit.

This year, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of another version of the NPPJ (2009-2024), three governments, seven official dates for the launch of the first nuclear unit, and 11 official and unofficial proxies —it’s hard to even remember how many—and the financing model—as always, already in the next quarter. 

On the positive side – at least it’s good that it’s not WWER. Instead of waiting for a reactor, you must build a (energy) storage facility.

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