• Satirical review of energy events (11.06.2024)

    Today, in an unannounced episode of the Satirical Energy Review, post-election suggestions for new energy and environmental twits. A collection of fake energy information for political pseudo-influencers Recent election cycles have shown the need to show simple and catchy information that could be posted and reproduced (e.g. on Twitter) to support a particular political option or concept. Since all information has a short period of […]czytaj więcej
  • Satirical review of energy events (28.05.2024)

    The end of May … and so the vacations and nothing more to do – a list of things for September  Vacations, May, Thursday Corpus Christi and another long weekend, and in mind already the end of school and vacation trips. A well-established annual pattern. Once the Baltic Sea and Masuria, now Turkey, Egypt and Greece, and for some, exotics and faraway travel. Understandably, no […]czytaj więcej
  • Satirical review of energy events (21.05.2024)

    Lately, it’s not even funny in the energy industry anymore, but only funny-bitter-sad.  The mining unions are different – always unanimous (bitterly). The problem with coal and mining continues all the time. Demand for coal is falling (RES is overgrowing), overproduction and growing coal piles. Despite the complicated geopolitical situation, world energy markets have relatively low prices. There are too high domestic production costs to […]czytaj więcej
  • Satirical review of energy events (14.05.2024)

    Who is afraid of the “Green People?”  We probably remember the game of “Black People” from our childhood. The game has its roots in Germany (nomen omen) and refers to the old days of the great plague. “The Black Folk” – a menacing figure no one knows who, who came from no one knows where stands in front of a group of children and at […]czytaj więcej
  • Satirical review of energy events (7.05.2024)

    It’s surprising, but the European Commission reads documents—e.g., the NECP (National Energy and Climate Plan)… Total surprise in decision-making circles and all those interested in cooperation within the European Union was aroused by the news that the European Commission has sent questions about the preliminary version of the Polish National Energy and Climate Plan. The surprise, above all, was that it turned out that someone […]czytaj więcej