A few words about me

My name is Konrad Świrski, and for many years, I have been involved in energy production optimization and, first and foremost, information technologies for the power, gas, and industrial sectors. I am a Warsaw University of Technology professor and have been teaching at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering for many years. Since 1995, I have been the President of the Management Board of Transition Technologies S.A., a company involved in developing the most advanced software, implementing industrial automation systems, and research and development activities.

I have to my credit dozens of implementations of research works in power plants in Poland, the USA, and Asia, several Polish and worldwide patents, and scientific and commercial awards; I am the author of many articles and scientific papers.

A few words about my blog

The Polish energy sector is changing dynamically and will continue to change rapidly. The challenges of our time are tough, and changes in the energy sector are, as never before, becoming crucial for the development of the entire economy. Technological advances are playing an ever-increasing role and significantly affecting our lifestyles, the industry, and the changing energy sector. Changes, regulations, technological advances, and the vague prospect of 2020 mean that some transformations and trends in these sectors are ‘hidden between the lines’ of everyday information. In my blog, I explain these events and the changes taking place. The topics I touch on and write about are:

  • Energy policy in Poland;
  • investments in the energy sector;
  • Polish vs. foreign power generation – trends and comparisons;
  • energy concerns in Poland, transformations and changes;
  • Nuclear energy (I hold a chair at the university with a specialization in _atomic energy);
  • Co2 emissions, climate package, emission costs, derogations, emissions trading;
  • renewable energy;
  • smart grids – smart metering, new energy meters;
  • energy trading, electricity tariffs;
  • IT systems for industry and energy;
  • IT developments;
  • new technologies.

My publications

By clicking on the link below, you will be referred to my profile on ResearchGate, a portal that is a database of scientific publications from around the world.